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Bible Study Videos

Sunday Scripture Study for Catholics is now recording Scripture study videos for the Scripture readings for the Sundays of all three liturgical years!  We are excited about this facet of our apostolate and hope you will find the video studies educational and edifying.


Since we are limited by the web page server on the amount of text we can place on each page, we are only able to post the most recent Scripture study video (and a few most recent videos) next to the associated pdf Scripture studies. These are updated as the most recent video studies are completed.

If you would like to find the studies we have produced that are not currently posted on this site, you can follow the link below which will take you to the YouTube archive of all our available video studies:

Sunday Scripture Study for Catholics Scripture Study video archives


Sunday Scripture Study for Catholics videos are also hosted on these other other platforms:

Lectio Tube (Curated videos and podcasts)

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